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[* *] How to enter the settings of the router - instructions for all routers 

login password

Without using an access point, it will not be possible to create even the simplest home network. The factory default settings may not match its functionality and security. It is possible to change the configuration, configure the protection and other Sign in options through router's ip address control panel, but for this you first enter there. Easy entry to the Login. Enter Login and set the necessary parameters is equally easy for devices from different manufacturers. Login user may experience some difficulties, but using this instruction to find ways to solve them is not difficult.

We connect equipment to Login

Consider a standard situation that does not require installation of a network card driver to configure it, determine the IP address via the Login command line, and other manipulations. In 90% of cases, you can do without them. Problems arising in the process of entering the change router password will be devoted to a separate chapter of this article.

What you need to connect to a router:

Network cable that comes equipment (any LAN cable is suitable, except for wires that are crimped for direct connection of two computers);

The presence adapter on a connected computer or laptop;

A router password that needs to be configured.

The installation process of equipment is as follows: connect network cable to the appropriate connectors and modem. On a PC, this is an RJ-45 port located on the motherboard. Almost all computers and most laptops have at least one such connector.

Routers Login Gateway have 5 or more network ports (on completely budget models 3). The blue connector (below it can be the inscriptions: WAN / line / Internet) is used connect provided cable to Sign in, or any other cable over which the Internet “enters” into ip address. To use other network ports. They are usually yellow and signed by “Lan1”, “Lan2”, and so on - as many ports as there are digits through Login.

The power cord of the access modem point is connected to the appropriate connector, and to start it, it is enough to plug the adapter into the power supply network.

How to get router ip address

A router is a standalone device that the process installation of additional drivers or other software on a PC. In fact, this is a small computer. He has a processor RAM and even an operating system.

The CD supplied by some manufacturers in the kit does not contain drivers. On it is a utility, the purpose of which is control of the device through its own interface. The use of such software will not be considered in this article. Since there is a simpler and more universal way to configure the access admin.

You can get router's ip addresses through a browser by entering its IP address in the address bar: or The exact network address of the let access login page of can be found on the bottom of the device.

Video instructions for entering the interface:

You can change the parameters of the equipment either by connecting via a wire or through a wireless connection.

Login to Network Admin using PC

You can access router from a computer using a cable connection using any browser, for example, Google Chrome. After entering access point IP address into the address bar, the user authorization page will open. The default data can be viewed on the label on the bottom of router. The most common login credentials password - admin. They are entered into the appropriate fields, after which you have to press "enter" or the "Login Window" button.

If the entered values are correct, you will be transferred to the personal account equipment control panel.

Wireless connection from mobile devices 192.168.l.l login

It is not always possible to view the access power point settings on a computer. For example, Router IP there is no time to turn it on or do not want to look for a cable. If the Wi-Fi network is available, you can control from a laptop, tablet or phone, which has a program for browsing Internet sites.

The sequence of actions is the same as on the PC, the difference in the method Wireless Network Router of connecting to the network. Connect to the Wi-Fi network of a new access Wifi point, no admin password is required. A phone or tablet will detect the desired network, after which it will only remain to join it. Next, you need to start the browser and in its address line Login IP address, for example,, after which the authorization page will open. On an Android mobile phone, it looks like this:

To open the panel, you must enter standard default user and password.

Configuring equipment is no different from the same process using a cable connection. By Wi-Fi, you can change settings of the old device or customize a new one. The only operation that should not Router Internet Protocol Address be done over a wireless connection is to flush the system through or restore it from a backup file.

If something does not work

Check if 192.168.l.l Login Page is Working or Not

If you do not go into the gained settings, the sequence of actions depends on the problem. The most common situations are when a computer does not “see” the connections at router’s address (the page is not available at browser) or it fails enter to admin panel (incorrect login password).

The page is not available

After my IP address, browser does not enter with system panel page for the following reasons:

1. Static IP is registered. To check the address know where the corresponding parameters are located in Login Options. In Windows, go to the "Network and Sharing Center".

The red will underline the 

I can not enter admin page

There is a situation when, after entering the authorization data, browser gives an error - “Invalid username/password”. To solve this problem, you can first experiment with the input. Try different options, for example, the password can be 1234 or password. The password field for some manufacturers does not  mainly be filled in by default.

If the fields are filled, and nothing happens on the after clicking the "Enter" button or the "enter" key, you should try to log in from another browser or reload Default ip address

For what reasons it is impossible enter informational video:


If the authorization data is changed or lost, the device can be returned to the factory firmware state using the special button (For TP-Link, press and hold the WPS / Reset button for more than 10 seconds).

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